Let our experienced professionals help you meet your objectives

Enterprise Architecture

Our architecture solutions are actionable and hands-on. We will not leave you with a theoretical roadmap; we will provide a realistic to-be architecture which meets the needs of your organization, and then we will take those first steps with you to start fleshing it out. Given real-world budget constraints sometimes the latest fad is not the most appropriate or cost effective solution, we provide comprehensive solutions which are the best fit for your organization. Often a proof of concept, prototype or pilot is the best way to determine just how appropriate a recommended approach is, given the unique constraints of each organization.

Application Development

Our customers often entrust us with the mission critical applications and business processes within the organization. Some of our deliverables have included the security infrastructure for a large application suite, stewardship of a time-critical fiscal year end process, core database code for a prominent federal program, an application for recertification of financial users with an annual impact on an agency clean audit. Invested Talents is often the MVP of the development team through technical leadership, guidance, productivity and ability to deliver. We have demonstrated effectiveness in many roles including senior analyst, lead developer, architect and subject matter expert for Oracle DB and Java J2EE technologies.

Our experience includes working within a variety of SDLCs, including Agile, Rapid Prototyping, Waterfall and Kanban. When working on a team we are a catalyst to increase the productivity of our peers.

Our past areas of performance have included: Oracle RDBMS Data Modeling, Database Performance Tuning, Advanced SQL and PLSQL; Mid-tier Java technologies including Oracle ADF/ADF BC, JSF, Web Services. Web technologies including HTML5/JS/CSS3, jQuery Mobile and paradigms such as responsive design. Other solutions have leveraged MS Access, open source solutions, SaaS solutions. We have designed and delivered a number of mission-critical business applications including large integrated application suites built on 2000+ table databases, to high-volume databases with hundreds of thousands of users, to high profile systems with 9-figure sums moving through them annually.

We carry projects from start to finish, from meeting with business sponsors and gathering requirements all the way through to production support of successful applications years into the future. We take pride in our work and have a reputation with our customers as being the most reliable resource when the stakes are high. Several of our applications are going strong in production each day for 10+ years straight.

Project Management

Unhappy with cost overruns, late deliverables and status reports where activities creep up to 90% complete and stay there for weeks? Invested Talents can help by focusing on the technical aspects of project management -- including Schedule Development, Activity Sequencing and Earned Value Management. We have assisted customers with development of realistic project schedules, use of techniques such as the 0-50-100 rule to improve accuracy of progress reporting, and Earned Value Management for use in OMB 300 reporting of major investments.

Project oversight is dependent upon first having a project plan which accurately represents the work to be performed. Planning and structuring activities, assessing and allocating and leveling resources, these improve the success of projects by minimizing the surprises that impact schedule and cost. Unfortunately, a large percentage of IT projects end up over budget or late. Part of the solution is found in the technical aspects of Project Management, projects can be reined in and more accurate project plans built over time. We can work with your PMO to help your organization establish a repository and continuously improve the accuracy of your project schedules. Our experience includes having delivered an EVMS application to one of our customers averting a stop-work order by quickly giving them the ability to track their capitalized projects.

No more surprises, you will be able to see cost overruns and schedule delays coming, and either take early corrective action or adjust project schedules to compensate.

Mobile Computing

Invested Talents can help you meet your objectives as you extend your enterprise to mobile devices. We can build a roadmap for your organization to establish the processes and protocols to support in-house mobile application development on iOS and Android, both enterprise-facing and public-facing.

There may be a COTS offering which meets the needs of your next mobile application. Integrating with an existing SaaS solution may also meet your needs at a small fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining an application internally. Mobile and Cloud Computing are a new paradigm which requires a shift in the way of thinking about how the technology needs of government can be met more economically.

Given the low cost of many SaaS services and specialized Apps available, it may now be economical to modernize even small scale business processes which only have a handful of users sharing a spreadsheet. In some cases a micro app can be created in hours or days using these new platforms.